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BREAKING NEWS: Bois d’Arc Lake Set to Welcome the Public

In an eagerly awaited announcement, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) Board of Directors has given the green light for the public opening of Bois d’Arc Lake. This decision marks a significant milestone in the journey to bring this expansive reservoir to the communities and ecosystems it will serve. As the first major reservoir in Texas in nearly 30 years, Bois d’Arc Lake is poised to meet the growing water needs and demands of a region home to over 80 North Texas communities.

A Coordinated Effort Ensures a Safe Opening

The NTMWD, in partnership with Fannin County, is now diligently working to coordinate a safe and orderly opening ceremony. Scheduled to take place on a weekday soon, the exact date will be announced once all preparations, including the removal of hazards and the installation of necessary signage, are complete. C4 Home and Land Team is anticipating an April 2024 opening to the public.  This cautious approach ensures that when Bois d’Arc Lake does open its gates to the public, it will provide a secure environment for all visitors.


The Significance of Bois d’Arc Lake

Spanning over 16,000 acres in Fannin County, Bois d’Arc Lake represents a critical infrastructure project designed not only to supply water but to foster recreational activities and support local ecosystems. The lake has been under construction since early 2018, with meticulous planning ensuring it meets both conservation and community needs.


Low-interest funding approved by the state underscores the project’s significance, highlighting the investment in the region’s future sustainability and prosperity. Moreover, the lake’s inclusion on federal maps cements its role in the broader water management strategy of Texas.


What Visitors Can Look Forward To

Upon its opening, Bois d’Arc Lake will offer a myriad of recreational opportunities, including fishing, boating, hiking, and bird-watching. Its vast expanse and managed shoreline promise to make it one of Texas’ most fertile freshwater reservoirs, as noted in reports from Dallas News and other sources.


The NTMWD’s Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) lays out guidelines for accessing and enjoying the lake’s shoreline responsibly, ensuring the preservation of this precious resource for generations to come. Additionally, an agreement with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) facilitates access and recreational use, further highlighting the lake’s anticipated role as a hub for outdoor activities.


Stay Informed with C4 Home and Land Team

As we approach the official opening of Bois d’Arc Lake, the excitement within the community and among future visitors is palpable. The C4 Home and Land Team is committed to keeping you informed about the official opening date and further details as they become available. This landmark event is not just a celebration of a new reservoir but a testament to the vision and hard work of countless individuals dedicated to securing our region’s water future.


Bois d’Arc Lake stands as a beacon of progress, sustainability, and recreation, ready to welcome the public into its embrace. Keep an eye on updates and prepare to be part of this historic moment.


Stay tuned for more information and get ready to explore the natural beauty and bounty that Bois d’Arc Lake has to offer.